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Guillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17 by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 116 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
LASTWOODSMAN15-Oct-17 17:53
Stearman engine
LASTWOODSMAN16-Oct-17 09:22
Thanks for the great info Heywood.
LASTWOODSMAN16-Oct-17 22:04
Heywood - do you have any pics of your 28" Herr "Stearman PT-17 ? or a build thread anywhere?
heywooood17-Oct-17 11:24
I wish I did. I built it years ago, before I ever thought of chronicling the process. I did take pictures of it on completion but that was several hard drives ago. The digital age is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to pictures - or saving them anyway. I'll check and see if I printed anything but I doubt it.
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