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Guillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17 by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 117 times.
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LASTWOODSMAN15-Oct-17 17:54
Stearman engine
heywooood15-Oct-17 20:35
the PT-13 had the Lycoming engine and the PT-17 had the Continental...This is a PT-13 Stearman Whenever I build a Navy Stearman I use the Lycoming but for the AAC I use the Continental. Which are you going to build, LWM? and are you going to mount the Lycoming?
LASTWOODSMAN15-Oct-17 20:57
Heywood - I actually have the 28" Thomas Herr designed PT-17 kit which has a built up balsa wood engine in the kit, that I plan on adding some details to. I was just looking for a Stearman, on the available a/c list, to post these pics under. The ambient light conditions outside were just right to get some good clear pics of the engine details. I tried pics inside the Historic Hangar before and the engine just came out black, but these pics turned out really well. Now you've got me looking up the difference between a Lycoming and a Continental ... What does AAC stand for? I don't really know the acronyms ...
heywooood16-Oct-17 02:30
AAC is Army Air Corp...what they called the Air Force before 1948? Or so.. Anyway the Lycoming engine like the one you have here has the exhaust collection ring in front of the cylinders...very distinct visual reference. The HP was higher in the Continental too which is why it used a metal prop. Your Lycoming used a wooden prop. This was another key visual reference. So the Lycoming was in short supply as the war began and the AAC wanted a bit more power in the trainers they ordered from Boeing - so they mounted Continentals, painted them up in that pretty blue and yellow and shipped them out as PT-17ís - eventually the Navy decided they liked more Horsepower too so they began taking PT-17ís when their earlier order for PT-13ís was complete. This is why you see some PT-13ís in both paint schemes but MOST PT-13ís are all yellow and MOST but not all PT-17ís are blue and yellow
heywooood16-Oct-17 02:54
The Herr kit builds out very nicely, it is a bit smaller than the Guillows model. Also you will have some extra work to do with the main gear legs to make them look proper. I also used the wood motor parts included and detailed it to look like the Continental motor. Mine was finished in the AAC colors and was sent off to a friend who learned to fly one at Thunderbird TX. in 1941
David Duckett16-Oct-17 08:07
The United States Air Force was born on September 18, 1947.
heywooood16-Oct-17 11:01
Thanks Dave, I was too tired last night to 'google it' lol - sorry about that - I meant no disrespect for the Air Force. My dad served with it in 1943-44. Thunderbird was the Air Force training base in Arizona during the war years and afterward for a bit. I think I said TX above but that was Randolph Field..It was very late when I posted that stuff last night
Skyediamonds198516-Oct-17 17:17
Great lesson on the difference between -13 and -17's. Really enjoyed that. Need Heywoood for more of this stuff. Glad he's on our side. :0)
heywooood17-Oct-17 21:20
the best references for all things Stearman.. I have Wings of Stearman and the pictorial history of Stearman aircraft...highly recommend them if you are about to build any of Lloyds creations.
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