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Guillows Series 400 - P-51 Mustang by BriandKilby. Viewed 199 times.
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Image Comments
BriandKilby05-Sep-17 12:21
i found some pictures in the mustang book, don, hope they can help you.
BriandKilby05-Sep-17 12:22
for don, hope this is the right plane.
Don C05-Sep-17 13:28
Thanks Brian. Looking at the other 2 photos, you can tell there was a camera. This even gives which type of antenna used. Seat is interesting too. Could be one of the early wooden ones.
Don C05-Sep-17 13:30
Brian, which book do you have?
BriandKilby05-Sep-17 15:39
it's the p-51 in action squadron signal. maybe the second one in the p-51 action series.
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