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Comet Kit #3204 - North American P-51A by hjlittman. Viewed 846 times.
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hjlittman09-Nov-11 15:02
Turned out nose heavy but still under 30 grams with bb shot in tail. Lots of lift so needed severe down and right thrust. Old stock Chart Pak tape control outlines peeling off in cold weather. Contest it was to be flown in on Sunday was rained out which is OK since I need some fresh rubber. Flying on scavenged motor.
John M Oshust09-Nov-11 17:55
TJH10-Nov-11 11:32
Very clean looking Mustang! What tissue did you use?
hjlittman10-Nov-11 12:26
It is the "metalized" silver Esaki. The metalization is actually a plastic coating and it makes it a little difficult to work. You can't paint on it with any water based product (I don't use dope because of my wife's allergies.) so all the markings are tissue glued on. (Except for the #%^&@# Chart Pak tape!) It doesn't shrink the way the regular Esaki tissue does and is best applied wet. You have to be somewhat careful handling it because the plastic surface can get dings in it like real metal. I think the next time that I do a model of a bare metal plane I will use white tissue and airbrush it with metallic silver air brush ink.
TJH11-Nov-11 10:10
I went through a little learning curve when I used the Easy Built silver on my T-28 and found it was best to cover in smaller sections. That also needed to be applied wet.
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