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Guillows Series 500 - P-40 Warhawk by mlriley540. Viewed 563 times.
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Image Comments
mlriley54022-May-16 22:47
I've been having trouble with this. I guess I've learned a lot building it.
poppy23-May-16 09:34
it looks great!! Good work.
BriandKilby07-Jul-16 07:45
like this! what color is your p-40 might I ask mlriley?
Don C07-Jul-16 09:49
Looks good here!
Creosotewind07-Jul-16 12:01
This looks really nice. What did you cover it with? Every kit I've built I've learned something new. That's part of the fun for me.
mlriley54009-Jul-16 22:59
The color is mixed from acrylic paint. The flying surfaces are covered with balsa, my only experience, it was only a little more work and a good learning experience. I saw a vintage image online showing a P40 with this color red for a nose.
Don C10-Jul-16 00:04
In researching for my P-40 colored for those in New Guinea in 1941, the red spinner there indicated that the pilot had been stationed in the Philipines until evacuated shortly before the fall of Manila.
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