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Guillows Series 500 - P-40 Warhawk by scigs30. Viewed 270 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
scigs3005-Feb-17 12:48
I hand brushed the colors with Testors Acrylics, and it did not add much weight, she is ready for flight.
LASTWOODSMAN05-Feb-17 14:40
What is the green on the canopy Scigs?
scigs3005-Feb-17 14:47
Testors Green Zinc
Dale141605-Feb-17 17:52
Nice work as usual.
LASTWOODSMAN05-Feb-17 18:08
The green "thing' looks concave - what is its purpose?
scigs3005-Feb-17 18:34
It is part of the interior, I should have painted it to match the outside color.
rgood05-Feb-17 19:07
Is the "green" area a scollop in the fuselarge to allow more rear view vision?
Huey V7705-Feb-17 19:12
The area behind the head rest was concave so the pilot could see behind him as much as possible. It would have been painted interior green or zinc chrome mate green for corrosion protection and glare resistance .
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