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ManzanoLaser Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12a by John M Oshust. Viewed 515 times.
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Image Comments
John M Oshust13-Apr-15 15:16
Complete with flight goggles, Lieutenant Nigel Nelson takes command of BE12a #A6297.
rayl13-Apr-15 15:35
Where is his Meerschaum pipe?
John M Oshust13-Apr-15 16:33
Meerschaum.....Back in his billet next to a bottle of brandy of course!
JohnG.13-Apr-15 17:54
Ahhh yes, let her rip...........
Don C13-Apr-15 20:40
What does he have in common with Douglas Bader of the RAF?
Don C13-Apr-15 20:44
That's a history question. Good lookin' pilot.
poppy14-Apr-15 06:31
Well done!! Such incredible detail, museum quality.
John M Oshust14-Apr-15 09:13
Don C. Just looked him up. Legs? poppy thanks, this one was the "most fun"!
Don C15-Apr-15 16:12
Correct. But it didn't slow Bader down and I'm sure Lt. Nelson won't be bothered either. That is really a great model.
John M Oshust15-Apr-15 16:30
Don C, Talk about someone with a love of flying and a huge pair of eggs!, Lose legs and come back as a fighter pilot. Incredible. I have been busy outside, as soon as I get a chance I shall photo Ogre outside and put this adventure to rest.
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