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ManzanoLaser Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12a by John M Oshust. Viewed 596 times.
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Image Comments
John M Oshust17-Nov-15 17:31
A very sad day here today. Mr. Bubz, my 12.5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, was put to sleep. There is a hole in my heart that will be very hard to fill. His nerves to the legs started to short out changing his once strong legs into noodles. God I loved this dog!
David Duckett17-Nov-15 17:45
My condolences.
rgood17-Nov-15 18:16
A very sad day John - so sorry to here that.
Skyediamonds198517-Nov-15 19:21
John, I'm truly so sorry to hear of your loss. Such a loss with anyone or animal is very difficult. My special condolences to you. As timing would have it, I sent you a letter in slow mail asking you for your email the other day. If you wish: My email is: -Sky
TJH17-Nov-15 19:23
John, I am very sad to hear this. I know how hard this is. This brings me back to 2-1/2 years ago when I lost my 13 year old Lab and 16 year old Catahoula just a few months apart. Hang in there, my friend.
Skyediamonds198517-Nov-15 19:44
John, as I entered my latest post of my experiment on the S.E. 5 model, just to type every word while reminiscing about your loss was hard. Mr. Bubz will continue to live on in spirit with all of us. Truly very sorry. Sky
rayl17-Nov-15 19:47
Those of us who are "dog people" know your pain John. After losing my best bud Cocker in 2001 I vowed not to have go through that pain again. Now, I spoil all of the neighbor's pooches with treats in lieu of ownership.
BriandKilby18-Nov-15 08:03
sorry to here about losing your best bud john.
John M Oshust18-Nov-15 16:17
Gents, Thank you for the kind words. I have lost buddies like Bubz in the past. The loss each time stings. It does not get easier. I know I will go through this at least one more time. I intend to rescue a pooch as soon I find one willing to let me love them.
deckape18-Nov-15 19:33
My condolences John truly sorry about your dog I know your lost my wife and I lost our two little Rat Terriers within 7 months from each other.
John M Oshust18-Nov-15 21:19
Nice to see you building. Cannot believe they are paper!
Don C19-Nov-15 13:45
Sorry John. The grouse have been fairly safe since I lost my hunting partner years ago, but I get to remember some good times as often as I want. 12.5 years will give you a lot of good memories and some tears.
John M Oshust20-Nov-15 09:24
Waiting on two possible rescue pooches. A Ridgeback or a Yellow Lab. We shall see who gets to live at Disney World :)
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