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Scratch Built Loening OL-8 Amphibian by rayl. Viewed 138 times.
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rayl07-Aug-17 07:18
Somewhere in this 600 acre field is my 32" RC piper cub. Lost it when the batteries fell out of my Xmttr. This field also has eaten a friend's 36 inch foamy Mustang.
LASTWOODSMAN07-Aug-17 11:10
I hope you can find it - maybe hire some kid with a Drone and a Camera and GPS. Quite the CORNundrum, since the soybeans and corn look like a bumper crop ...
LASTWOODSMAN07-Aug-17 12:02
Maybe the kid can program the Drone to fly "grid" patterns while filming and recording GPS coordinates as it goes along, and later view these flights on computer slowly, and "pause" on the plane and get the location ... just a thought ... would need a pretty smart kid ...
Don C07-Aug-17 13:08
Good luck, Ray. It'll be too late when they start combining. At least for a useful recovery.
rayl07-Aug-17 14:53
LWM: One of the Club members has a GPS enabled, 1080p, yahda, yahda Drone. Couldn't find either plane. Don: Lost one in another bean field on the other side of town a couple of years ago, never found it either.
David Duckett07-Aug-17 16:23
If you build it (aero drome) they will come (back). Field of Planes
rayl05-Dec-17 09:30
Well Now.... I got a phone call from the operators at the sewage plant, (it's back in the distance), seems that they found my plane when spreading Poo in the fields after the crops were taken out >>>>>
rayl05-Dec-17 09:42
Oh Yea: I found the foamie mustang 'bout the middle od September. It was in several pieces (Nose was broken entirely off and the field mice had a hay-day with the tires and some wires). Took it over to it's owner and he had it flying the next day: 5-min epoxy and foam go well together. Another fellow lost a $ 1K, prebuilt gas-powered Extra 300 about the same time and place: It was a total write-off as the mice had eaten the wood structure and wires.
Don C05-Dec-17 11:04
So what was the condition of yours? Fertilized?
Don C05-Dec-17 11:08
Scratch that. Just saw the second picture. The only good thing is that it was a foamy.
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