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Scratch Built Loening OL-8 Amphibian by rayl. Viewed 160 times.
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rayl12-Jan-17 16:08
Another shot. Used the 1 mm "Stretchy" stuff.
Skyediamonds198515-Jan-17 12:57
Wondered what you used for rigging. Very nicely done. Loved the doubled flying wires. That was a "bone of contention" for me with the S.E. 5. Tighten one, and the other part of the double rigging goes slack. Did you paint the rigging? Silver marker?
Skyediamonds198515-Jan-17 13:08
Meant to comment also that you did a beautiful job on the N struts. Were they glued on? Did you have any wires inside the struts to help hold them?
rayl15-Jan-17 14:58
Sky; The N struts have brass wire embedded in them and matching oversized holes drilled into blocks under the covering. Slow-set gel cyano was used to anchor them to the wings. The rigging was not painted yet. The stretchy stuff was supposed to be black, but the second roll that I used was rather translucent. I will use a black sharpie to cure that problem.
Skyediamonds198515-Jan-17 19:45
Thanks Rayl for the reply. It's really appreciated. Again, you've done a fantastic job on this model. I can see that you've even taken the time to ensure that the base of N struts match the curve of the wing's airfoil. Beautiful!
Skyediamonds198516-Jan-17 12:29
Rayl: I've been studying and reviewing your posts several times and each time I'm learning something new and truly appreciate the quality of workmanship and the extraordinary level of attention to detail. Amazing! It's a few days past, but I'd like to thank you for take the extra time to reveal how you did the engine face plate. Thank you very much. As I'm seeing your posts for rigging: fabricate the brackets, solder the cross pins in the brackets, glue the brackets with pins through the base holes onto the covered surface, then paint the colors of both the surface and different color for the bracket/tiedowns. When covering, did you add the cut outs for the slots to allow for the brackets to come through the covering? Then do you add a touch of a small strip of extra covering to help conceal the base plate of the brackets? They seemed to have disappeared, which is great. Shows you how I've been studying your posts and trying to learn from them. -Skye
rayl16-Jan-17 15:27
Yep, that's what I did.
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