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Scratch Built Loening OL-8 Amphibian by rayl. Viewed 202 times.
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rayl16-Feb-17 14:50
14 days to get to this point. Working with foam is something different; very soft and prone to dings. Even from fingernails. Made the Stars & Bars and "slime lights" on my printer. Tail coes are from some vinyl letter sheets and completely bogus. Still awaiting the arrival of the EDF from China.
Don C16-Feb-17 15:01
Very cool,Ray.
John M Oshust16-Feb-17 15:06
Sweet. Very creative. Looks good also. Love the glass look on the can of peas!
BriandKilby16-Feb-17 15:14
nice phantom rayl!
Huey V7716-Feb-17 17:05
That is sweet Ray . I'm sure it's going to perform better than the full scale. Very nice job!
LASTWOODSMAN16-Feb-17 19:01
Ray - that hushed, delicate, soft edge color, whispering into the next color on your camo scheme, is very appealing!
rgood16-Feb-17 23:01
This is terrific, that is one large model - Again, I love your clean shop too!
rayl17-Feb-17 08:12
Thanks for the comments guys. I have the feeling that it might get turned into foam dust once I attempt to fly it. (I haven't flown a EDF before so I'm going to have one of the guys from the local RC club do the intial flights.) I kept all of my patterns, just in case. [BTW, it wieghs in at 15 3/4 oz, just a little heavy.]
BriandKilby17-Feb-17 08:30
rayl, have you ever bought anything from hobby king? I bought some stuff a while ago and merchandise was at a good price but the shipping was a lot. is there a way around the shipping hike? thanks brian.
rayl17-Feb-17 09:47
Sorry Brian, I have no experiance dealing with Hobby King.
Creosotewind21-Feb-17 08:56
Ray, when I built the F-16 model for the military museum, it was also a foam kit. I covered it with light weight fiberglas cloth and sealed it with Minwax acrylic floor finish. The finish sealed the cloth and stuck well to the foam. Since it is acrylic it doesn't attack the foam, and is sandable. Might want to check that out in the future. You have a very nice build here.
rayl21-Feb-17 14:18
Creosotewind; Thanks for chiming in. I had considered that process but was in a big hurry to git 'r done. I like the fact that the Polycrylic doesn't stink. What I did do was apply several coats of Kilz water-based primer, but obviously it did not seal the foam up as good as I had hoped. Live and Learn (maybe). Like: DO NOT let the epoxy get near the outside of joints as it will never sand down smooth.
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