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Scratch Built Laird Solution by Don C. Viewed 99 times.
Build Thread
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Don C24-Apr-17 18:37
Heywooood, here's a picture of the panel for the Super Solution I got from the museum.
Don C24-Apr-17 18:42
They thought that it was for the Solution, but the 2 vents a the top were an improvement to get fresh air (no exhaust) in the cockpit of the Super S as Holman just about passed out 2-3 times from fumes during the '30 Thompson Race.
heywooood24-Apr-17 23:12
right - that's what the two tubular openings in the upper wing are for - the intakes for those two vents. Thanks for posting this photo!
heywooood24-Apr-17 23:46
this picture also shows the simple rolled steel (or alum) rails that the upper canopy slides on..the base looks like kind of a tray.
heywooood24-Apr-17 23:48
I'm curious about how Dumas provides this canopy part. Will it be something I can 'cut up'? I had planned to model the plane 'in flight' as it were - with the pilot installed and the canopy all buttoned up. But I sure would like to maybe do a little more with this one - I guess we'll see
Don C25-Apr-17 08:58
That 3 piece canopy was one of the hardest parts of the build. Finally got some thin plastic and glued it in place.
heywooood25-Apr-17 09:38
yeah - its a tricky little 'clam shell' kind of arrangement. The Super has the benefit of solid doors (from a modelers perspective) as opposed to the earlier Solution with its plexiglass cockpit doors. Your 'solution' was probably the best way to go I think. It worked, and your comparison photo of your model to the original positioned on the tail stand prove it. Nicely done.
LASTWOODSMAN25-Apr-17 10:15
Heywood - when you get that 24" Dumas kit, would you please post pics of the kit contents AND the plan sheets - eager to see if the plans have the 3D ISO drawings of completed frameworks of wings, fuse, stab, rudder like on my Spad 7. Also, Dumas now ships clear canopies with a protective blue film that you have to peel off. You have great enthusiasm. I have never completed a scratch build also - got bogged down pretty quick on my Curtiss Pusher.
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