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Berkeley North American T-28 Trojan by David Duckett. Viewed 147 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
David Duckett10-Nov-17 11:52
Infill of the wing is complete and it has been trimmed to fit the fuselage. Filler is next...
rgood10-Nov-17 15:37
This T28 is looking very posh David - super work! How is your weather? Ours is grey and damp - but there is no fire risk at present! :-)
David Duckett10-Nov-17 15:50
Thank you, Bob. Weather is about as pleasant as it ever gets here.
Don C10-Nov-17 17:43
I count 5 stringers. Looks good and I bet it took longer than the fuselage.
David Duckett10-Nov-17 17:57
You are right. Thanks...yes, considerably longer:-)
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