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Berkeley North American T-28 Trojan by David Duckett. Viewed 126 times.
Build Thread
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David Duckett05-Dec-17 17:24
David Duckett06-Dec-17 07:30
I'm relieved that the cowl turned out as well as it did considering what it looked like when I started. The rest of the build will be the familiar sand and dope ad infinitum readying it for covering and paint.
heywooood07-Dec-17 14:14
it's true that there are one or two key features or defining characteristics of every airplane..the things that make them unique unto themselves. For this one I would say the cowling is the main one and that the other would be it's overall North's kinship to the P-51 (tail fin and shape of the vertical fin/rudder and elevator as well as the wing plan-form and airfoil and to the FJ-1 Fury... The cowling and power plant definitely draw the eyes though. This one is a winner
TJH08-Dec-17 08:53
Looking great, David!
David Duckett08-Dec-17 14:34
Thanks, Tim. I hope you and the kids are doing well.
TJH08-Dec-17 14:46
Thanks, we are! Itís been a crazy year, especially with the passing of my wife. The kids are basically young adults now, time flies! I hope to get back to building again soon, got a bunch of kits waiting for me 😊
David Duckett09-Dec-17 08:44
Thank you, Kevin. It also is the point at which I feel that the most difficult part is done.
heywooood10-Dec-17 11:55
the Hurdles..once you get past the last one it is definitely a relief..and a motivation to hold the line and stay worthy of the work already done. I can't wait to see this model come down the home stretch
biplane guy11-Dec-17 08:27
Well done, David. I'm with Heywood, looking forward to seeing the finished model.
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