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Berkeley North American T-28 Trojan by David Duckett. Viewed 127 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
David Duckett11-Feb-18 16:52
The fabrication and installation of the landing gear is finished.
Don C13-Feb-18 10:23
As Tony would say,"Grrrrrreat".
rayl13-Feb-18 10:40
DD: Did you have any issues with applying the panel lines to the paint after using the gloss medium?
David Duckett13-Feb-18 13:41
No issues at all. Thanks, Don.
David Duckett17-Feb-18 07:27
Adding gloss medium to the paint produces a definite shine although certainly not what you would get with spray. It does make the color slightly more intense and a purer color. I did not get a good flat effect from the Matte Medium. I did learn that alcohol will remove India ink but it does dull the area it's used on.
biplane guy17-Feb-18 15:14
I wish I could do that!
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