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Dumas Kit #301 Stinson Reliant SR-10 by heywooood. Viewed 85 times.
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heywooood10-Oct-17 17:17
heywooood10-Oct-17 17:30
the windscreen is attached along the fuselage with a very light touch of CYA adhesive (medium) applied with a pin. But first I use the windscreen paper pattern to make a masking tape strip that holds the sides and bottom edges of the 'screen in place. I take two layers of tape off the roll, paint it white to match the fuselage, trace the pattern onto it and cut it out - then just peel off the top layer. and there is the 'moulding' to hold the windscreen down. I then seal it with a 50-50 mix of white glue and water applied with a brush
Don C11-Oct-17 13:38
Good idea and explanation. Thanks
heywooood11-Oct-17 14:42
I know most folks here have their own methods and tricks but for the casual browser or someone who finds themselves on this website because of a passing interest in scale models or aviation, and really for that reason alone I guess I sometimes write unsolicited commentary on my methods here and there. I guess I probably talk too much at social gatherings too lol
David Duckett11-Oct-17 18:51
I try to use the space provided for initial comments to tell what I'm doing and use the comments & discussion space to answer any questions or clarify a point.
heywooood11-Oct-17 21:13
that's probably the best method - too often I get rolling on an area of the build and forget to take pictures of how I might have solved a problem or modified something. Afterwards I think, I wish I would have documented that with a photo... Like when I stretched these floats..not one pic.
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