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Scratch Built Gee Bee Model "Y" by Huey V77. Viewed 131 times.
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Huey V7727-Mar-17 18:24
Tryed some color, this stuff sucks! Using acrylic paint this stuff wrinkels and doesn't shrink back. Should have gone with Nitrate! Tempted to tare it off and start over. Nasty learning curve...
LASTWOODSMAN27-Mar-17 22:34
Huey, I do admire your courage to try that E-Z Dope and Acrylic paint - thanks for the lesson
John M Oshust27-Mar-17 22:39
Water based coverings do this. Each soaks the latter making it wet. Did the wrinkles disappear when the paint dried? If so let me know as I have age wrinkles to remove!
Huey V7728-Mar-17 11:43
It is ever so slowly tightening up. John, I don't think it will work on women over 50. A friends' wife wanted him to get some of the new Pills to help he in a manly way. So he got her some weight loss pills.......
Don C28-Mar-17 14:03
Is he out of the hospital yet?
Don C28-Mar-17 14:10
Hope it tightens up. Think I may pass on this stuff. Even with 3 good coats of nitrate on the Solution the acrylic loosened up the silkspan. Tightened up OK though. Need to learn how to get as smooth a covering job as you have.
Skyediamonds198528-Mar-17 18:23
Now that's funny from Huey and Don C...... About the pills I mean. Sorry to hear about the acrylic paint wrinkling up the covering. I've used enamels with very good results. Most of it was rattle cans of Krylon paints.
biplane guy29-Mar-17 20:07
I used acrylic house paint on my Nieuport 11 and wasn't happy with the results. Masking tape wouldn't stick to it worth a darn and one of the roundels under the lower wing fell off when I applied a matte finish over it. Best finish I have achieved so far was with Sig Supercoat butyrate dope on the tissue supplied with my PT-17 kit. It took the Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic final coat very well too. I wasn't happy with the acrylic flats I used on the Tiger Moth either. Dried too quickly and left brush marks. If I used them again I would add an extender.
John M Oshust29-Mar-17 21:29
Gents. I have built a few planes in my brief tenor as a model builder. I hear of paints from here and there. For 90% of my painting I have always brushed on paint from the small sample bottles of Benjamin Moore house paint purchased in a paint store. It covers well, dries well, is inexpensive, comes in a myriad of colors, and most important it is a Gumby favorite.
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