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Guillows Series 800 - Sopwith Camel by David Duckett. Viewed 1206 times.
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David Duckett23-May-10 13:29
stirling23-May-10 13:31
Pilot error I assume?
David Duckett23-May-10 13:50
A bit of torque, wot?
David Duckett08-Jul-15 04:37
I'll use my Camel to answer a couple of Skye"s questions without hijacking a thread. The clean lines are a result of quality masking tape. Regular tan masking tape is high tack, meaning it sticks better. Scotch transparent tape is even more so. Scotch blue tape is low tack so it adheres less to the surface. Either will work on a solid surface but for covered surfaces you will utter fewer expletives by using a good tape. I use Pactra masking tape in 1/16", 1/8", and 1/4" sizes but it is now no longer made. Many folks speak highly of Tamiya masking tape and although I haven't used it I will when my current stash is depleted. Regardless of the type tape used you need to seal it to the surface before painting. Do that by running a smooth object along the length of the tape where the paint is to be. I use the round end of a small brush and sometimes a fingernail. On all the tapes mentioned there will be a slight color change where the tape has been sealed by this process and you can see if the seal is good before painting. I use a dry brush technique, very little paint on the brush, to paint on the first coat of paint where the tape is. That lessens the chance of paint seeping under the tape. Second and third coats can be applied full strength. There are still times when it isn't completely perfect but touch up is easy cause you can see definite line separation. The same wires that come with kits for landing gears can be found at local hobby shops and on line in many sizes. Tower Hobbies probably carries wire but you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere. Blue tape is also available in smaller widths which is more flexible so curves will be easier. My models are all painted with acrylic paint and I allow it to dry several days before doing any masking.
Dfell08-Jul-15 10:00
David - thank you for answering Skye's question. You have explained things far better than I would have done. Just to confirm / agree I used the Tamiya tape and sealed it with painting the lighter colour along the tape to seal it before painting by hand the dark green. There was some seepage which was touched up.
Skyediamonds198508-Jul-15 11:13
Thank you Dave for taking the time to answer in detail, my questions on the fine line of separation. Still, I have trouble trying to prevent the undercoating or even the covering from lifting up along the masking tape. Beautiful job on the Camel by the way. This is the first, I've seen Dave's work on this plane. -Sky
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