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Guillows Series 800 - Sopwith Camel by David Duckett. Viewed 1426 times.
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Image Comments
David Duckett23-May-10 13:35
Skyediamonds26-Jun-15 10:58
Mr Duckett, I used to marvel at Doug Fell's Camel while viewing Guillow's website. Everything was absolutely perfect. Then recently "discovered" his Camel on this forum & himself identified as "Dfell." Had no idea they were one & the same. How was he able to mask off the top & bottom surfaces of the wings without tearing up the covering or lifting the undercoat? I must've zoomed up on his plane dozens of times, & observed he installed the false ribs on the wings. Truly did his homework. -Sky
David Duckett26-Jun-15 11:23
You'll have to ask him, this is mine.:-)
Dfell26-Jun-15 11:49
Hello Skyediamonds - yes I did my homework I just copied the Master - David. Used masking tape and maybe lucky not having any damage :) Enjoy looking at your builds - keep them coming.
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