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Guillows Series 800 - Sopwith Camel by John M Oshust. Viewed 157 times.
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John M Oshust12-Dec-16 10:35
Soon to be building again. Gumby will be here for Christmas. The aero plane this go around is the BAT F.K.24 Baboon was a British two-seat training biplane produced by British Aerial Transport Company Limited of London during World War I.
rgood12-Dec-16 11:04
That must be the widest track we have seen on a small biplane John! Amazing.
rgood12-Dec-16 11:04
Not the sleekest design......
John M Oshust12-Dec-16 11:09
Its a brute for sure. The thought of building the engine was the hook that drew me to the Baboon!
David Duckett12-Dec-16 11:32
Who knew Cinderella had so many sisters?
LASTWOODSMAN12-Dec-16 11:35
This will be a good one - thanks for something completely different again! I'll be watching for sure.
Don C12-Dec-16 12:53
Looking forward to it.
rayl12-Dec-16 14:40
What a "unique" plane. Our cousins on the other side of the pond have always had a flair for coming up with unprepossessing designs!
John M Oshust12-Dec-16 17:29
I hear you. Very dainty and graceful. Research on this is going to be scarce. Six planes were scheduled for construction, only one aircraft was built. I do believe the Baboon will be the foundation for a what if fantasy!
LASTWOODSMAN12-Dec-16 18:17
Hi John O: That 170 hp ABC Wasp 7 cylinder non-rotary uncowled air cooled radial piston engine with cylinders coated with copper wire is a real beauty! I can't find anything on the 2 bladed BAT tractor prop 5', or 7'10" dia. anywhere, but it sure looks nice like a scimitar prop sort of. There is a free plan for downloading from Outerzone - a 13" wingspan by Walt Mooney for rubber powered free flight. Did you find any info on the prop? I'm really looking forward to your prop and engine build on this one.
John M Oshust12-Dec-16 18:38
I have not started digging for information as yet. Manzano Laser custom cuts the kits. It will be a while before the short kit and plans arrive. With Santa's work in the immediate future, I do not plan on seeing the plans and lumber arrive until after Christmas. It will be a long winter with many opportunities to glue my fingers together. I can dust off and tidy up the model shop as it has not been used in quite some time.
LASTWOODSMAN12-Dec-16 18:44
OR - are you building from that 42" short kit by Peter Rake from Manzano Laser $108.95? (dumb question - senior's moment) :(
John M Oshust12-Dec-16 19:33
I am too old and feeble to build small. Manzano Laser and Peter Rake it is!
LASTWOODSMAN12-Dec-16 20:11
That pic of the ABC Wasp radial on Wikipedia has really got me going. I know what you mean about trying to build small - I just tried on my last model - a 16" Pfalz D3 DPCM kit - to detail up an engine, like you master modellers, with tiny wire and micro drill bits and holes etc... At least I gave it a try! pics coming soon - sorry I didn't read your response first before my last post - I was trying to research that Baboon prop - where is that graceful, elegant prop anyways?
John M Oshust13-Dec-16 10:13
Amazing. The kit has been cut and it's on the way. Looks like production will commence shortly.
Skyediamonds198513-Dec-16 21:04
Last: do you have access to a large library or Internet? Your description of the engine was really impressive.
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