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Dumas Kit #401, Laird Super Solution by heywooood. Viewed 107 times.
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heywooood17-May-17 16:24
fuselage - after primer coat applied we saw some rough spots..errr - really there were only one or two smooth spots. so more sanding and sealing was required
Don C18-May-17 07:58
Forget the plane. Does that thing it's sitting on work?
heywooood18-May-17 10:01
Rescued from behind an old barn, refurbished with parts ordered online and a new piece of top glass in 1991 - now beset with dry rot. The Big Indian 4 Player built in 1973 and I have the original mechanical diagram and wiring schematic. There is a scene in the 'Bad News Bears' in the arcade featuring a pristine example of the 2 player version. It still works and gets played. It used to be the centerpiece of my converted garage. The Big Indian Sports Lounge was a neighborhood rallypoint for years back in the way day.
heywooood18-May-17 10:03
I'll post a few pictures in this hangar in a few..
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