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Dumas Kit #401, Laird Super Solution by heywooood. Viewed 156 times.
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Image Comments
heywooood17-May-17 16:25
here you can see the upper wing canopy fairing and wing to fuselage glue on it yet
LASTWOODSMAN24-May-17 11:05
Heywood - your enthusiasm is contagious! - keep it all coming - builds, pilots notes, historical anecdotes, actual plane pics - it is all good, and adds to the variety on VA - great pics too by the way!
heywooood25-May-17 01:07
it's a lot of fun when you love these machines like I think we all do in here - My wife says "you looking at airplane porn again?!" Yes. I. Am.
LASTWOODSMAN25-May-17 19:56
I like your wry sense of humor Heywood - time to liven it up in here. If my ex accused me of looking at plane porn, I would retort sarcastically, "Just the 'Mile High Club' category", and watch her get "as mad as a 'wet' hen" - and you know how vicious those hens get when you try to steal their eggs they just laid and are sitting on ... Come to think of it, I wonder if that is a category ...
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