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Dumas Kit #401, Laird Super Solution by heywooood. Viewed 157 times.
Build Thread
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heywooood17-May-17 16:26
we're getting close to assembly and initial yellow coat..still a few days away - but closer
heywooood17-May-17 22:47
the -I- shaped wing supports have an 'hour glass' conformity to them that I will not replicate..It would make them too fragile. It's a shame though because it is a distinctive looking feature. Such is life
rgood18-May-17 02:28
This is looking very very good - super job!
heywooood18-May-17 10:12
Thank you, Robert Hows the flying weather today..?
rgood18-May-17 10:46
Gin clear and calm at 0830 am! Just right!
David Duckett18-May-17 10:53
Gin clear? :-)
rgood18-May-17 11:05
The coastal mountains are 90 plus miles from us and are as "clear as a bell" today David!
rgood18-May-17 11:10
A breeze has now started.....
David Duckett18-May-17 11:11
Not a cloud in the sky here either, and calm enough to fly. I like gin clear.
rgood18-May-17 11:11
I could have said "Vodka clear" I suppose, more to my taste! :-)
rgood18-May-17 11:13
I hear that you have moved home David - Far away?
David Duckett18-May-17 11:14
Either perfectly describe the conditions. A bit on the dry side here.
David Duckett18-May-17 11:30
We're moving to the Far East side of Tucson, closing on the house June 30
rgood18-May-17 12:06
We hope for a smooth "move-in" for you David....and look forward to the sun-set/rise pics too!
heywooood18-May-17 14:22
yes Dave - here's to a smooth move, lol
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