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Dumas Kit #401, Laird Super Solution by heywooood. Viewed 146 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
heywooood17-May-17 16:29
Charlie insits on taking regular breaks..
David Duckett17-May-17 19:41
Nice dog!
heywooood17-May-17 22:43
He has been with us for 10 years now, a gentle and incredibly intuitive dog.
Don C18-May-17 08:01
Charlie smarter than most of us.
Skyediamonds198518-May-17 12:49
Hewyoood, nice scenery and enjoyed the picture that also included your feet resting with the dog looking on. I'm puzzled about the "hour" glass shaped I wing struts being too fragile. How about using hardwood? Basswood? Just thinking outloud. That model is really coming along beautifully. Really impressed with the propeller. I understand (now) what you meant by the propeller being almost all tube inside thw ring of the engine cowl. Makes sense. Beautiful model!
heywooood18-May-17 14:05
yes I had thought about switching them to basswood or similar - but this is the first time build of this kit for me so I like to use as much of the kit supplied materials as I can. The plane has enough other designed in deviations already that I don't think one more will affect the overall appearance of this model. If on the other hand this were the only issue I would probably have switched materials and sanded in the strut detail. If I build this kit again I will plan ahead and fix all of the issues I have found.
heywooood18-May-17 14:08
Tom - regarding the prop profile - apparently the unique shape also had to do with getting more RPM out of the motor. They figured airspeed would take care of the cooling and reducing the length of the airfoil would increase RPM.
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