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Dumas Kit #401, Laird Super Solution by heywooood. Viewed 124 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
heywooood18-May-17 12:51
Im liking the Cobalt Green on that cowling..
heywooood18-May-17 12:53
still have a few little hot spots to clean up...this is just the initial coat of yellow on the fuse..the cowling is done.
heywooood18-May-17 12:55
I did the first yellow pass and realized I had not set the wing supports up yet - so they are now installed. I plan to focus the yellow on the wings, horizontal tail, and wheel spats - then mask those areas and spray the Cobalt Green. Then paint the upper wing prior to installment.
heywooood18-May-17 12:56
I need another can of the yellow. I bought two but this needs three. I hope I have enough green - that had to be ordered from Tamiya direct because no one stocks it here
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