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Gene Dubois Gere Sport. Kit No. R-10 by Huey V77. Viewed 66 times.
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Huey V7716-Jul-17 20:58
Tried some test "Glides" this afternoon, 200 turns of two strands of 1/8th. It went 10 ft and stalled straight ahead. Didn't drop a wing. The amount of ballast is "Whow" amount. May have to double the horse power.
Don C16-Jul-17 21:49
Any more ballast and you might have a submarine. Really a good looking plane and a straight ahead stall good.
bsadonkill17-Jul-17 00:11
Stalling out straight ahead is a good thing ! Try adding some down thrust , then add more turns .
Skyediamonds198517-Jul-17 12:57
You've got quite a beautiful work of art there my friend. I have to go along with bsadonkill (sp?) and add a bit of down thrust. If it still tends to climb after the rubber band is finished, then try gently bending the elevator down just a tad..... :0)
Huey V7717-Jul-17 19:09
It's not a power issue. It's a c/g issue. At 200 knots, it's like using 15 in of manifold pressure. No thrust, on drag. I built 2deg of down and right thrust into the nose block.
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