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Flyline Models Stearman C3B by Huey V77. Viewed 140 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Huey V7719-Oct-17 16:26
A 450+ battery brings it into c/g.
rgood19-Oct-17 16:51
Very very nice! When do you expect to be air-born? Looking forward to seeing a video?
Huey V7719-Oct-17 18:00
Well, still have to connect the aileron drivers. Add some trim, color. I hope it flys as good as the Helio Courior does. As far as video, I am at a technical disadvantage.
Don C20-Oct-17 14:38
Great finish. Looks like polished aluminum. Really smooth.
John M Oshust20-Oct-17 15:59
Skyediamonds198520-Oct-17 20:01
Beautiful work! I'd take plenty of pictures first before taking her up on her maiden flight. You've done an outstanding job.
Huey V7724-Oct-17 19:36
Well, installed the new prop, 8x3.5. Wanted to see how much thrust it would produce. After 2 minutes, to run the battery down, thing started to SMOKE! Turns out the 17gr won't swing the 8" blade. Also there was not enough thrust either. In the process of changing to a 24gr motor.
Don C25-Oct-17 10:16
Smoke - that added touch for aerobatics. :)
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