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Easy Built FF-62 Fleet Canuck by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 77 times.
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LASTWOODSMAN14-Sep-17 11:11
2017 FAC WORLD WAR ONE "MASS LAUNCH" - Free Flight rubber band powered. This wild 59 second video shows a mid air collision with both planes recovering - click here
bsadonkill20-Sep-17 17:57
Nice video , What happened with the S.I.G biplane you were building .
LASTWOODSMAN20-Sep-17 18:44
Hi Don - Just got the tail section done and almost got the wings done - then I needed a diversion - got hooked on the "Canuck" float plane - I spent most of my time this summer flying and smashing up and repairing free flight rubber models ...
bsadonkill20-Sep-17 20:34
Well it's looking good so far. I might try one someday.
LASTWOODSMAN20-Sep-17 22:10
Don - my inspiration for trying to build a rubber powered float plane was this 36 second video of John Cooper flying his Howard Littman designed 24" Guillow BEAVER floatplane which flies perfectly and actually lands perfectly smoothly on the gym floor with floats ...
bsadonkill21-Sep-17 18:09
Great looking model , i have not looked at the beaver , its one of the new lazer cut kits.
LASTWOODSMAN21-Sep-17 20:59
Guillow's did not put the two laser cut balsa parts sheets, (one for each float), into the kit. You have to buy them separately, $3.50 each. None of the suppliers I have talked to carry the balsa float sheets, so I guess I have to order them directly from Guillow's, along with the kit then ... Don - how was your flying this summer ? - My best was a 57 second flight with the 22" SIG "Cabinaire" and a 51 second flight with the 18" DUMAS "Air Camper". That's it !! LOL
bsadonkill22-Sep-17 23:41
Well i got 2 500 series Guillows kits to fly out about 50 yards. That would be somewere around 10 seconds.
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