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Guillows Series 800 - Spirit of St Louis by rgood. Viewed 329 times.
Build Thread
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rgood18-Oct-15 10:24
rgood18-Oct-15 11:49
Started to attempt some cockpit work - had to cut out a couple of roof members in fuselarge and put some "beefing up" pieces around too. Mock-up panel print, it is 2" wide. Rudder pedals, trim, throttle & mixture quadrants to make too.
Don C18-Oct-15 13:44
Impressive! How did you hinge the door?
rgood18-Oct-15 13:53
Thanks Don - I used some Drafting film (I am an ex-draughtsman) it is very fkexible and does not split easily. We will see how it lasts as I have a lot of opening and closing, of that door, to finish the details!
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