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Molt Models Tyro by scigs30. Viewed 927 times.
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Image Comments
scigs3001-Jun-14 07:39
Here is congested airspace. I am running out of room. I also have a storage full of my large RC builds.
TJH01-Jun-14 10:01
Looks great; wish I could display mine at home but no room... Question; what are the packaged planes on the left on the second shelf down? I had a few of them when I was a kid and loved them, just can't remember the name?
scigs3001-Jun-14 10:18
Those are Comet Airplanes, dirt cheap on Ebay.
TJH01-Jun-14 18:32
Thanks! I remember now. Brings back great memories!
jgood02-Jun-14 13:26
Thanks for showing us these, Scigs.
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