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GWS Slow Stick by rhysleo. Viewed 534 times.
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Image Comments
rhysleo10-Jun-09 08:57
jgood10-Jun-09 09:10
Looking good Rhys. When do I get to see it fly! Let me know if you'd like me to come down. Also, where is the center of gravity? The leading edge of the wing should be about 13cm from the front of the motor, and the whole thing should balance (with batteries) with your finger tips 10cm back from the leading edge. Or whatever the manual says... :)
jgood25-Jun-09 09:25
What's the latest on this?
rhysleo25-Jun-09 10:33
not much. i really would like to fly this soon, but tomorrow i go to New York and come back sunday. and my dad is traveling the whole week after i come back. i am desperate to fly this but i haven't had the time. right now it is just sitting on a table collecting dust. Also the battery you gave me doesn't work on my charger and my dad and i were wondering if you had an extra one...
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