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Guillows Series 800 - Bell P 39D Airacobra by RTD89. Viewed 837 times.
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Image Comments
RTD8907-Oct-12 19:23
frwyflyer07-Oct-12 21:35
jerry campbell07-Oct-12 21:50
Beautiful job!
moostang5108-Oct-12 03:32
This one turned out great, Time well spent.
poppy08-Oct-12 05:52
Well done. There are a lot of details on this one.
David Duckett08-Oct-12 07:08
I admire your ballsy approach and it works! Very nice.
RTD8908-Oct-12 07:12
You mean not using silkspan David?
David Duckett08-Oct-12 07:19
I mean ..flaps, doors, interior, paint. Your models have a very distinctive look, not carbon copies of what the box shows. To me, they also show a highly artistic flair but then, I'm prejudiced.:-) I should say...when it comes to paint.
David Duckett08-Oct-12 07:49
Tha fact that you didn't use silkspan simply proves that the way I build'em isn't the only way. Modelers can be very creative and the more so, the better. Over the course of the models in my hanger folks have often said they were 3D works of art, probably relative to 2D canvas. I've often said I consider all models works of art, not just mine, all. Some, like your Corsair, are better examples than others.:-)
RTD8908-Oct-12 08:24
Thanks David. I have noticed everyone has a distinct look to there models as well. Johns look like they can be in a museum. Poppy always has an interesting subject build. I'd say my builds are more akin to Nigels. Yours are absolutely smooth and clean. You probably do a better job with panel lines than I do. Again I owe part of my experience from picking up techniques and patterns from you and others on this website.
Dale141608-Oct-12 10:27
Thanks for sharing all the build details of this amazing Airacobra. When did Guillow's stop producing this kit?
John M Oshust08-Oct-12 12:28
Ochen Horoshow!
Roring4011-Oct-12 20:46
Hey Ryan, I'm just back from two weeks holiday - no internet. A fantastic build my friend. Beautifully made and a real treasure to behold.
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