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Easy Built D-06 Westland Whirlwind by BriandKilby. Viewed 125 times.
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Image Comments
BriandKilby18-Mar-17 18:58
beau main structure.
Don C19-Mar-17 11:21
Nice, Brian. How big is it? By the way, sheeting / infilling is like building a prop. You can do it, but start with a little less complicated one. This is a cool plane.
BriandKilby19-Mar-17 12:34
thanks don, it's got a 30" wingspan. where do you get your wood from for sheeting? I got a guillows hurricane maybe i'll try it on.
John M Oshust19-Mar-17 15:31
Brian, Very interesting aero plane stay the course. Nice effort!
BriandKilby19-Mar-17 17:34
thank you john!
Don C19-Mar-17 18:01
Brian. I used to get it at the local hobby shop, but it closed. They stocked "Bud Nosen" brand. There are lots of places to get it online and lots of brands. Look at Ebay and Amazon. Just a "Heads up"- it can be a pain in the empennage.
BriandKilby19-Mar-17 19:28
thanks for your help don.
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