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Scratch Built Laird Solution by Don C. Viewed 250 times.
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Image Comments
Don C19-Mar-17 17:33
And finally, the new default picture.
LASTWOODSMAN20-Mar-17 09:41
Don - that plane has "style" - the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. What is the wingspan and scale and what plan did you use to scratch build it?
Don C20-Mar-17 12:04
Thanks. It's a Cleveland plan, 1/16 scale. Wingspan is 16.5"
heywooood25-Apr-17 00:33
It really is a terrific model - I have yet to scratch build anything. 'Flying motor' is right..all of these early racers were just 'buy the biggest engine and then make a tiny plane around it with barely any room for a pilot and enough juice to fly for a half hour' - these guys were just bananas
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