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Scratch Built Gee Bee Model "Y" by Huey V77. Viewed 122 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Huey V7720-Apr-17 10:30
Anyone have a Lycomming R680 and a Hamilton 2B20 prop in 1/18 scale. Doesn't matter how much time is on them, their for dieplay only?
rgood20-Apr-17 11:23
Wonderful job Huey - looks almost as fast as that SR71 in the background. Hope you find the power plant....
Skyediamonds198520-Apr-17 12:20
You mean time between overhauls on the prop? Just curious.... :0) Beautiful job. Very nicely done.
Don C20-Apr-17 14:12
Huey. I'll try making you a hub if you give me the dimensions.
LASTWOODSMAN20-Apr-17 20:44
Those gleaming cowl blisters look great Huey!
John M Oshust20-Apr-17 22:08
Progressing in a wonderful vector! Kudos!
Huey V7721-Apr-17 07:35
Thank you Men. Don, Thankx for the offer, I'll come up with one as I make the engine. It's only 1/2" long. Thinking of making the prop out of aluminum, 5 1/2 dia.. The engine is the fun part
LASTWOODSMAN21-Apr-17 08:40
Huey - homemade prop out of aluminum ? Now THAT would be VERY interesting to see how to do that - machine tools? duplicator? starting with a solid block of aluminum? - I found nothing on a google search. Those wooden Cleveland D7 props look perfect!
Don C21-Apr-17 14:58
Looking forward to learning something.
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