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Guillows Series 200 - Fokker DR-1 Triplane by biplane guy. Viewed 223 times.
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biplane guy20-Apr-17 20:37
biplane guy20-Apr-17 20:43
This was the easy part. Now I have to make the little-bitty pulleys to fit inside the fuselage and upper wing for the aileron controls. Hope to have all the control surfaces working from the cockpit.
Don C20-Apr-17 20:56
Impressive.,I've wanted to try this,but never had the guts.
John M Oshust20-Apr-17 21:00
Nice. I did this twice. Never again!
LASTWOODSMAN20-Apr-17 21:03
BPGuy - I'm looking forward to seeing how you build those little pulleys and mounting brackets - I need to make them for my Curtiss Pusher ...
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