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Guillows Series 2000 - B-24 Liberator by David Duckett. Viewed 156 times.
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Image Comments
David Duckett18-May-17 23:12
For some, the American Dream takes awhile. This is the first home I've owned.
rgood18-May-17 23:25
Wow! Wonderful David, well done!
heywooood18-May-17 23:43
that looks GREAT !
Skyediamonds198519-May-17 00:10
You said the key word DD, that word is: "home." It makes all the difference between living in a house and having a home. Welcome home, you deserved it. Looks beautiful. Congratulations!
lukebozek119-May-17 06:07
David, it looks great! Nice lawn too, no mowing.
David Duckett19-May-17 08:06
Thank you. If you ever gat to Tucson, come by. We'll "put another steak on the barbie". The only places with grass around here are parks and golf courses.
Don C19-May-17 09:22
Very nice,DD. Had an uncle in Phoenix, his "lawn" was painted green. No mowing, but he dusted it once a week. Like your front door.
David Duckett19-May-17 09:28
When I first came here in '74, there were several buildings on the base with painted green rocks for lawns. These days that has all been replaced with desert landscape. It's just simply too dry here for grass although nearly anything will grow with sufficient water.
Don C19-May-17 10:15
That was June '64. Seems like a long time ago now. My granddad is buried in Southlawn Cemetery in Tucson.
rgood19-May-17 11:33
The important thing David is, do you have lots of model and painting space?
David Duckett19-May-17 13:35
biplane guy20-May-17 07:08
The landscaping is very nice too. I envy you that double garage.
David Duckett20-May-17 07:29
The mature landscaping with trees was a major factor in buying this house.
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