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Scratch Built Grumman F9F Panther by Don C. Viewed 89 times.
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Image Comments
Don C16-Jun-17 09:02
I did it! Here you go Heywooood.
Huey V7716-Jun-17 11:38
1965 at the Cleveland Airshow I was on a 35' Christcraft on pylon #1. I watched the Thunder Birds perform in F100's. One monuver they crossed 100 yards from us after the bomb burst. Unforgettable.
Don C16-Jun-17 21:46
Think I have a picture of it, but having the same problem getting it to post. Back then I was using a Kodak box camera with 620 Kodachrome. Shutter speed = very slow and the color has deteriorated. If I can figure it out again, I'l post it.
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