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Scratch Built Grumman F9F Panther by Don C. Viewed 88 times.
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Image Comments
Don C16-Jun-17 09:08
These guys were friendlier.
David Duckett16-Jun-17 10:40
I have seen the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels several times over the years and while both are incredible, I think the Blue Angels are more impressive.
Huey V7716-Jun-17 11:40
Have you ever seen the Snowbirds perform? I think they're the best.
David Duckett16-Jun-17 11:42
I have never seen them.
mlriley54017-Jun-17 23:25
I saw the Blue Angles when they flew Skyhawks. Thrilling! Also got to listen to pilots as they stood by their planes.
heywooood17-Jun-17 23:34
Living in San Diego I've had the opportunity to see the Blues several times at Miramar. Skyhawks, F4's, and the F18...A few years back they were unable to do the Miramar show so the Thunderbirds filled in. They were very good. The Canadian Snowbirds are highly polished and precise too. Precision team aerobatic flying is incredible to see in person.
rgood18-Jun-17 11:51
I saw the Thunder Birds flying F100's at Biggin Hill in the UK in (I think) 1957? Spoke to one of the pilots, he did a slow roll for us cadets,low, over the airfield when they departed! Great day for us.
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