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Guillows Series 2000 - B-24 Liberator by David Duckett. Viewed 190 times.
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Image Comments
David Duckett10-Jul-17 18:45
Here's another photo of the festivities. Can you spot anything wrong?
rgood10-Jul-17 20:47
Looks like early am - nothing strikes me as wrong David. Maybe some younger eye will!
rgood10-Jul-17 20:48
...there is no B24 there!
rayl11-Jul-17 07:37
The SeeBee in Navy livery.
David Duckett11-Jul-17 07:44
The Seabee in Navy livery is wrong in that it was never in Navy service and the Vietnam Service Medal would not be on the rudder. But there are many "what ifs" schemes on here. What's wrong is that the national insignia, stars and bars, is supposed to be on the left wing.:-)
jgood11-Jul-17 16:21
Ah man, bad enough when you make a mistake on a 30" model...
Creosotewind11-Jul-17 17:05
It always amazes me with how much reference material is out there, and how much these full size planes cost, let alone how much it must cost to paint them, that people can't get the details correct. Granted, the SeaBee has a fantasy scheme, but, like David pointed out, why not put the insignia where they actually MIGHT have been. I've seen many P-51s and other warbirds with spurious "military" finishes. Sort of takes away how beautiful the real planes are. Oh, and that guy standing next to the Camero? His fly is open.
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