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Scratch Built Grumman F9F Panther by Don C. Viewed 186 times.
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Image Comments
Don C15-Jul-17 11:35
This Spam Can treated me well.
LASTWOODSMAN15-Jul-17 13:54
Is that a Cessna 182 Skylane introduced in 1956 - and who is that dapper - looking young man in the pic - how did it get the nickname "Spam Can" ?
rgood16-Jul-17 11:41
In England, in the 50's & 60's, the olde die-hard wood, fabric and dope men used that downing term - That line of Cessna aircraft were, though, well thought as time went by and they proved there worth! Good aircraft.
Skyediamonds198516-Jul-17 17:39
LWM: Try identifying that plane again.
Huey V7716-Jul-17 21:21
The little brother, Cessna 150, O200 powered.
Don C16-Jul-17 21:52
Note the 2 red cars in the background
Skyediamonds198516-Jul-17 22:52
Huey....I knew you couldn't resist identifying that plane. It was the plane I first soloed and obtained my pilot's license. I was wondering how LWM "grew" it up into a -182. Can't blame him though. For the uninitiated & from a distance, they all tend to look alike. However, that plane in yellow trim in the background behind the red car is a -182.
LASTWOODSMAN16-Jul-17 23:37
Is the closest one an MG ? (note the question mark). Is the other one a VW, or a Fiat, or a Renault Dauphine ? (again note the question mark). The blue car on the left is a 1963 Ford Galaxy 500.
Huey V7717-Jul-17 09:23
Sky, there is a Seabee in front of the hangar door. The red car looks like a 64 MGB. By the looks of it the 150 gos thru some oil. Where is this at Don?
LASTWOODSMAN17-Jul-17 09:56
When I typed in "Spam Can", all I got was the Cessna 182 Skylane. The plane in the pic, with that dapper-looking young man (who is that young man?), initially looked a lot smaller than the Cessna 172 Skyhawk I soloed in 30 years ago, hence the question. The 172 was, and still is, a great airplane, as far as incipient spins are concerned. In the bygone days, I used to solo practice 10, and even 12, full incipient spins at altitude, just for fun, and it always recovered quite easily ... I'm still here ... LOL - also flew a Piper PA-28 Cherokee.
Skyediamonds198517-Jul-17 23:21
Sorry, can't find the SeaBee.
rgood17-Jul-17 23:39
It is in front of the Mercury door - enlarge/look closely!
Skyediamonds198518-Jul-17 17:23
Oooh yeah. Found the SeaBee. Had to really look. Seems everyone has good eyes and a keen sense of observation.
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