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HJL Models OD-17 Plain Plane by hjlittman. Viewed 87 times.
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hjlittman24-Aug-17 13:47
Another view with the skin on. It flew quite well but I decided to make some changes to the structure of the fuselage to make it easier to build,
LASTWOODSMAN26-Aug-17 06:17
Howard, I am very impressed at how much work you put into designing a model, building and rebuilding and constantly retesting it, to make sure it actually flies well. That really sounds like a novel idea you came up with as Contest Director (CD) for the Old Farts Flying Club (OFFC) contest. Design and Laser cut (with your own laser) 12 kits of your perfected "One Design" plane, and then send them to all of the "Master" Free Flight Modellers in your club, so that they can each build the SAME model for the contest! I wish I could be there to witness the different Flight "performances" of the individual planes after each guy "trims out" his own plane in his own style - now that would be something to see ... By the way, Howard, great job designing the Guillow's laser cut "Beaver" and "Porter" plane kits. Please count me in for one of those "One Design" kits - or whatever name you eventually give it.
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