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Dumas Kit #301 Stinson Reliant SR-10 by heywooood. Viewed 56 times.
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heywooood07-Oct-17 21:28
heywooood07-Oct-17 21:36
prop assembly. A section of wood dowel is used for the center..two blades are produced using balsa stock. they are measured, a longitudinal center line is drawn in pencil and then the cutaways are penciled in. The blade is roughly carved to shape with the x-acto blade. the back of the prop blades are 'hollowed' using sandpaper wrapped around 1/2" dia. wood dowel. Then the prop is shaped with a sanding block. The ends that mate to the hub center section are rounded then glued to the center making sure to include a slight 'incidence' or blade angle. Then the completed prop is sanded and sealed. The prop shaft and hub are made with aluminum tubing stock. The blade attachment collars are simulated with strips of masking tape wrapped to the proper thickness then sealed. Once the entire assembly is ready it is painted.
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