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Guillows Series 900 - Skyraider by BriandKilby. Viewed 109 times.
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Image Comments
BriandKilby02-Feb-18 17:38
dark green.
Don C03-Feb-18 12:45
Matching the other one well. Same numbers, etc.?
BriandKilby03-Feb-18 13:19
no, I got some decals from ebay that i'll use. I'm going to take the Tamiya tape off that you suggested, so wish me luck.
BriandKilby08-Feb-18 12:47
if you use krylon gloss on the plane and canopy, will the gloss fog up the canopy or will it look alright?
Don C08-Feb-18 20:29
I've tested and it doesn't seem to screw up the canopy, but I usually hold a piece of paper in front of the canopy anyway.
BriandKilby09-Feb-18 07:21
thanks don!
Don C10-Feb-18 10:14
You're welcome. How did the tape removal go?
BriandKilby10-Feb-18 10:45
pretty good. can't complain.
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