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Scratch Built Polikarpov I-16 Rata by John M Oshust. Viewed 438 times.
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Image Comments
John M Oshust14-Mar-08 18:38
One down six to go. For those keeping score...I need seven vents...The top two get two exhaust pipes for a total of nine. Methinks I can get another cut today, then Carlo will cause me to stop or hurt myself!
John M Oshust14-Mar-08 18:44
Kind of looks like a one eyed large mouth...doesn't it!
Barnstormer14-Mar-08 19:51
It does kind of look like a large mouth. With a good looking eye. I knew you could do it.
sweetwillie14-Mar-08 20:26
I knew you wouldn't screw up. How did you do it? It looks perfect.
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