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rayl, Image # 3419016 Jun 15 14:45

Lacing jig with wheel hub in place on the armature. More to follow, I hope.
rayl, Image # 3418916 Jun 15 14:42

I just had to use the new toy. Turned down some PVC pipe, ala John O., to resemble rims for the OL-8. 2" diameter X 3/8" wide w/40 spoke holes drilled through them. The little white washers will be the wheel hubs when assembled. I got carried away with gizmology making the jig, it didn't have to be anywhere that complicated.
rayl, Image # 3418816 Jun 15 14:38

Oh, By the way: My new toy, big sale (+) 20% discount via Harbor Freight. Spent a week taking it down to the nuts & bolts, cleaning all of the ucky red grease out of it and setting it up. I'm gonna have a good time with this one.
rayl, Image # 3418716 Jun 15 14:35

Hope that you are all having a good summer. Just finished restoring the orange glider but need to have time to sit in it.
rayl, Image # 3418616 Jun 15 14:33

Hi All! Had a rainy day so no landscaping or mowing. Covered the bottom of the Main Flaot with 1/16" basswood and sanded fair. I'm still trying to figure out the L.G and wheel wells before covering teh rest of the float and moving on.
rayl, Image # 3418516 Jun 15 10:14

Hey Don!! Check this one out.
rayl, Comment for image # 3412327 May 15 22:17
Don C: It is one of those OLFA rotary cutter "self-healing" mats that quilters use, so yes you can do some heavy duty cutting on it. I picked it up on a garage sale for next to nothing. I have had it for quite a few years and it stands up well.
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3412327 May 15 17:12
This build entices me to make some summer saw dust!
Don C, Comment for image # 3412327 May 15 15:17
What is the green mat? Can you cut on it? I've been looking for one that big.
rayl, Comment for image # 3412327 May 15 09:03
John, rulers and pencils: I can never find the one I just laid down, so I always have spares available. Thanks, I love my shop also.
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3412327 May 15 06:20
raly, wonderful. I also love the shop and your collection of measuring sticks!
Don C, Comment for image # 3412626 May 15 21:48
No such thing as rain out here. Keeps me outside. Really rapid progress Ray. This is gonna be good.
rayl, Image # 3412626 May 15 19:22

Another shot of teh basic framework. While it looks bent in this photo, the fuse and float are dead straight.
rayl, Image # 3412526 May 15 19:20

Some more progress today. The basic fuse & float are done. I did find a set of Willis Nye Drawings that show most of the details that I was looking for, including the operation and geometry of the L/G, which is a very good thing. Now if I can find a set of photos of the cockpit(s) I will be smiling.
rayl, Image # 3412426 May 15 19:15

Built a construction cradle to keep the thing from tipping over.
rayl, Image # 3412326 May 15 19:14

AS it is a miserable rainy day today, I slapped teh Fuse framework together. The structure is 1/8" sq. Basswood. Since I don't have to worry about flying wieght, but I do worry about getting ham-handed at times, the extra durability might come in handy down the road.
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3410222 May 15 18:42
This is going to be one great build to follow. What a gorgeous plane to model!
rayl, Image # 3410222 May 15 15:04

BTW: THis is a Loening OL-8A flying over Ketichan during teh Navy's 1929 Alaskan aerial survey mission. Over 7600 large format pictures were taken. Bet was chilly in those open cockpits!
David Duckett, Comment for image # 3410121 May 15 21:12
There are hundreds of Beavers on floats on the internet, and modeling sites, but I doubt that there's even one of these. That just makes it more interesting and with the talents you have already demonstrated great fun for all of us. I can wait to see it finished and I'll enjoy every step along the way. Oh, and, good luck!:-)
rayl, Image # 3410121 May 15 20:51

Another trip down the rabbit hole. Since DD wouldn't float his Beaver, I felt compelled to start on this 35 in. W.S. Loening OL-8A. This is the fuselage float BTW. There isn't a lot of detail on the plans, nor is there a lot of information lurking in the usual places. But, with the big damn fuselage float, two wings, the bare P&W 1340 hanging out in front, it should be a blast. I'm planning on marking it as one of the planes that did the aerial photographic survey of Alaska in 1928. Wish me luck.
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