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David Duckett, Image # 3986829 Jan 18 20:47

Only the anti glare panel needs to be painted to finish the top.
Don C, Comment for image # 3985929 Jan 18 09:47
DD is correct. I had problems with getting the tape to lie flat on the curves. On the P-51 I used a lot of Tamiya tape and a little of the delicate surface Frog tape. Both worked well without your problem. I was using the cheap brush on acrylics in the little plastic bottles and did the white first. In some cases I only waited a day for it to dry.
biplane guy, Comment for image # 3985928 Jan 18 22:03
hj, I was using Tamiya 18mm masking tape on Tamiya acrylic paint. I had hoped to eliminate any chance of product mismatches causing weird interactions. What the tape left looks like a dull residue but is not sticky. Online research has revealed that the problem is not unusual, is not residue, but is an emollient issue with chemicals evaporating from uncured paint. Paint had been dry for two weeks before the tape was applied! I have used the Multi-Surface Frog Tape with mixed results but have not tried the Delicate Surfaces type. Thanks for the tip. I will post a picture of what the tape has done to the paint.
hjlittman, Comment for image # 3985928 Jan 18 19:51
biplane guy, what masking tape were you using? I've discovered the Frog Tape For Delicate Surfaces. I have not had any dull spots when I removed the tape and I am brushing and airbrushing with acrylics on relatively unsupported Japanese tissue since I don't build static models.
David Duckett, Comment for image # 3985928 Jan 18 19:45
Don mentioned spots. I think he meant in areas of tight curves. I'm not familiar with Tamiya paints but I would suspect the paint before the tape.
biplane guy, Comment for image # 3985928 Jan 18 18:50
Very nice, David. Sharp and clean as always. You mentioned "spots" with the Tamiya tape. My DR1 had a beautiful brushed-on paint job using Tamiya acrylic gloss red paint. When I masked the white area on the top wing I was very happy with the sharp lines the Tamiya tape rendered but NOT with the dull area that remained when the tape was removed. Was this your problem? Anyone else?
David Duckett, Comment for image # 3985928 Jan 18 15:59
I think so, narrower is more flexible.
Don C, Comment for image # 3985928 Jan 18 15:56
I've been using Tamiya 6mm, but had trouble with those spots. Maybe I need narrower?
David Duckett, Comment for image # 3986028 Jan 18 10:30
Thank you. Indeed I did. Great stuff! I used Model Masters flat black acrylic for the black areas because it is really flat. If I had used Liquirex acrylic it would have been shiny because it's shiny underneath.
David Duckett, Comment for image # 3985928 Jan 18 10:26
Thanks. I used Testors 1/16" for the canopy and to mask the black exhaust panel because it 's flexible enough for inside and outside curves. Unfortunately, it is no longer made. I would guess Tamiya brand is equal. There are also many new tapes in smaller widths available by Scotch and others.
rayl, Comment for image # 3986028 Jan 18 10:24
Very nice DD. Did you mix up some gloss medium for the final coat?
Don C, Comment for image # 3985928 Jan 18 10:17
Very nice, DD. What brand of tape did you use for the canopy? I always have trouble with the compound curves like the front.
heywooood, Comment for image # 3986027 Jan 18 18:15
she gonna be another show stopper, Dave! Looking forward to seeing the prop and then all the panel lines along with the rest of the insignia. The green stripes on the wings look exactly to spec by the way - very nice
David Duckett, Image # 3986027 Jan 18 18:04

The insignia on the left wing is only for show, the real one is smaller.
David Duckett, Image # 3985927 Jan 18 18:02

David Duckett, Image # 3985827 Jan 18 18:02

A bit later...
David Duckett, Image # 3985727 Jan 18 18:01

The paper is to block the tapr and help keep the paint from lifting. Reminder: press the edges of the tape down with a small rounded object, round end of a small brush, to seal the tape. This gray is the same color of the interior of the cockpit.
heywooood, Comment for image # 3984125 Jan 18 16:56
No Dave, Thank You. You are setting a high bar as are several other modelers here, and everyone in the room has offered up inspiration in one form or another. I have nothing but gratitude for all of you who contribute to this forum, just peruse it, or offer up advice and share your tips n tricks as you go. Thank you all.
David Duckett, Comment for image # 3984125 Jan 18 07:20
Thank you, Kevin. I am humbled by such kindness!
heywooood, Comment for image # 3984124 Jan 18 23:18
That too - but I was referring to Dave’s ultra clean workmanship. As his models come together you see effort made to create the seamless, almost liquid lines of the aircraft. The wing to fuselage joins, the tail assemblies, the canopy and fairings - all made to flow together, rather than simply ‘attach’ or ‘connect’...and he tops of the assemblies always with equally fine finish work. The paint prep and execution is flawless. The T-28 and other relatively basic airframes only serve to highlight the artists ability. A clean airframe, recreated by the artist with a clean scale representation. Ultra Clean to my eye. Look at it. It looks like it was poured from a bottle and just assumed the perfect shape of the T28!
Build Thread, Page :  1   2   3  [ 4 ]  5   6   7   8   9   10   11   >>  (247 posts, 20 posts per page, 13 pages in total) [ < Prev ] [ Next > ]