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LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3844229 Apr 17 11:46

RIGHT STAB TISSUE REPAIR - My original intent was to try to match the red and black tissue on the plane, by shrinking and clear coating a red and a black tissue panel in jigs first, then cut it out and just glue it on.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3843627 Apr 17 12:20

The laminated prop carving block is all glued up and clamped with two larger outside 1/8" thick clamping protection bare balsa sheet plates. There should be thick grain lines of alternating bronze and burnt sienna colors with enough bare balsa between them to accept red "Cabernet" wood stain after prop carving and sanding - I hope ...
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3843527 Apr 17 12:12

The planks are being white glued and stacked - the bronze side face of one plank is glued to the bronze side face of the next plank, and the burnt sienna side face of one plank is glued to the burnt sienna face of the next plank etc etc - the glue should dry invisible.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3843427 Apr 17 12:07

The planks and many clamps are ready, plus two 1/8" thick larger "bare" blasa plank/sheets for protection of the lamination planks from the clamp teeth.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3843327 Apr 17 12:02

Completed "repair" tissue on jigs, D7 plane, and completed prop lamination planks ready to glue together - Bronze Metallic on one face of the plank, and Burnt Sienna Gloss on the other side of the plank - three layers of brushed on acrylic
Don C, Comment for image # 3843226 Apr 17 23:21
Better than chicken, but a lot more work.
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3843226 Apr 17 20:58
Interesting story. They are delicious sliced into thin circular steaks. Dipped in milk, egg, and bread crumbs, very tasty. They taste just like frogs, which, BTW, taste like chicken!
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3843226 Apr 17 20:49

Speaking of snakes, I caught one of these "Fox Snakes" bare-handed 50 yrs ago when I was 10. It was 6 feet long and 6" in diameter, trying to slither away fast up the far bank of the creek near our house - I instinctively poounced on him right away with a good firm grip on his neck just behind the head as I held him down with my foot. He coiled right up my arm like the constrictor he is, and I brought him into the kitchen to freak out my mom ... then let him go.
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3843126 Apr 17 20:06
Sig Mfg guarantees that their models will "fly out of the box" - I built this as per plan and it FLEW ! - no balancing necessary ...
jgood, Comment for image # 3843126 Apr 17 19:23
Looks like a nice little flyer! Keep away from snakes!
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3843126 Apr 17 11:24

After I broke the rubber on the Cabinaire from too many winds, I just put the plane on the shelf and went to bed. I snapped awake in the middle of the night, with the sudden realization, that that bunched up tightly wound knot of rubber in the back of the fuse, could explode at any time, and take out my other models on the shelf ! I got up and started to cut it out, and it was striking out and snapping at me and the plane, like an angry, coiled up, DIAMOND BACK RATTLESNAKE !! - trying to do more damage right to the very end ... I have 4 fuse tissue panels to replace.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3842625 Apr 17 22:14

Heywood - this is what I meant when I asked about 3D Isometric (iso) computer drawn pics on the plan. I think just the more recent releases by Dumas have these - I find them very handy! - 18" Spad 7
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3839424 Apr 17 12:01

I applied 3 coats of Krylon Clear Gloss rattle can spray in my makeshift cardboard box spray booth in the bathroom that has a ceiling fan - just close the door!
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3839324 Apr 17 11:56

The tissue did dry drum tight.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3839224 Apr 17 11:55

This wet tissue was spray misted with water - instead of pure atomized spray, there were small droplets of water on the tissue, which do leave a round water mark - I need a new spray atomizer from Dollarama.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3839124 Apr 17 11:51

Tissue is glued on - one red and one black.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3839024 Apr 17 11:49

I made two jigs for the repair tissue, built extra large, just in case ...
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3838723 Apr 17 18:38

But a great day to be in the park all day with "Trapper".
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3838623 Apr 17 18:35

It only got 10 feet off the ground with one 12" loop of 1/8" rubber. I had three 10 second perfect flights downwind on a very slight breeze, into perfect soft landings on long thick grass - then I wound the prop too many times ... busted the rubber - the nose block hanging and piled up rubber in rear fuse and tissue damage in rear fuse.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3838523 Apr 17 18:29

mlriley - you inspired me to put in new rubber, a downthrust angled balsa plate on the front, and a metal "rubber hook" for the prop hook to rubber connection, into my 22" Sig Cabinaire. It was still balanced.
Build Thread, Page :  <<   2   3   4   5   6  [ 7 ]  8  (158 posts, 20 posts per page, 8 pages in total) [ < Prev ] [ Next > ]