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jgood, Comment for image # 3836723 Apr 17 13:46
Thanks, guys! Just a metal polish I got from the car parts store, and then a 'detail wash' thing I spray on and wipe off after each flight, to clean off the bugs.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3837722 Apr 17 22:12

The other side of the planks is painted Bronze Metallic. There are three coats of acrylic brush on paint on each side of eight planks = 48 sides were painted.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3837622 Apr 17 22:08

Planks are blocked up securely and painted on one side with Burnt Sienna Brown Gloss.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3837522 Apr 17 21:57

I cut out eight balsa prop lamination planks - 10" X 1 1/2" X 1/16" - to paint up for wood grain, and then glue them stacked on top of each other to make a balsa prop block to carve the Axial prop for the 200 HP BMW engine.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3837422 Apr 17 21:45

This is the other Axial prop made for the 160 HP Mercedes engine for a Fokker D7.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3837322 Apr 17 21:42

I just figured out the "Snipping Tool" to get a good image of the Axial prop for the 200 HP BMW engine for the Fokker D7 - this is the one I drafted.
Huey V77, Comment for image # 3836722 Apr 17 12:24
Dry wash, Poor Mans Polish, or Flitz ?
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3836722 Apr 17 12:20
I am jealous too James - your glamorous little Ercoupe truly is a resplendent heavenly beauty ...
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3836722 Apr 17 12:18

One dazzling Erco Ercoupe
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3836221 Apr 17 09:04

This was the only diagram I could find - I took ruler measurements off of this diagram, got out my calculator, and scaled these measurements to draw the 9 1/8" Fokker D7 Axial prop for the 200 HP BMW engine
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3836021 Apr 17 05:48
Nice hand drawn plan. Remember when everything was hand drawn?
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3836020 Apr 17 22:23

This took me all day to draft. Just have to cut out 8 planks, decide on grain colors and 2 coats of acrylic paint on both sides of the planks, let dry, white glue them all up, and clamp it up for a week.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3835419 Apr 17 16:17

I will have to make two balsa jigs to hold a section of red and a section of black tissue glued on, then spray mist the tissue with "rubbing alcohol" (70% ethanol alcohol and 30% water) to shrink them, then several spray coats of rattle can Krylon Clear Gloss, and then cut them out to size and try to glue them onto the stab nice and tight with no wrinkles ...
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3835119 Apr 17 15:57

I must then add the finished pilot, add some cockpit coambing, fix the stab damage, and fix the machine guns (senior's moment) - still trying to figure out how to cut off the butt stocks and reglue them ...
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3835019 Apr 17 15:52

Since this is only a display model, I plan on enhancing the "bare" kit a bit. I can't look at the plastic prop anymore .... I must make a balsawood 9" laminated "Axial" prop, similar to the one I did in my Pfalz Dr.1 triplane
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3834919 Apr 17 15:43

The plane was hit so hard, it caused both Spandau machine guns to spin 180 degrees about their longitudinal axis.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3834819 Apr 17 15:40

At the first model show at our Windsor Airport Historic Hanger on Oct 18, 2014 (the second show was Sept 17, 2016), featuring all types of models, my D-7 received a "package" through the right stabilizer, from one of the plastic model WW1 anti-aircraft guns.
LASTWOODSMAN, Image # 3834719 Apr 17 15:33

FOKKER D-7 24" laser cut, kit # HRR 105, $36, scale 1:14.7 , by Thomas Herr of Herr Engineering from Sig mfg. (the ribs are hollowed out with laser cut also) completed March 2014, weight 81 grams.
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