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Build Thread, Page :  1   2   3   4   5  [ 6 ]  7   8   9   10   11  (232 posts, 20 posts per page, 12 pages in total) [ < Prev ] [ Next > ]
David Duckett, Comment for image # 3860217 May 17 19:41
Nice dog!
heywooood, Image # 3860217 May 17 16:29

Charlie insits on taking regular breaks..
heywooood, Comment for image # 3859717 May 17 16:28
more shaping and sanding is needed - but this is the rough idea..still need to fabricate a hub and counter weights
heywooood, Image # 3860117 May 17 16:26

we're getting close to assembly and initial yellow coat..still a few days away - but closer
heywooood, Image # 3860017 May 17 16:25

here you can see the upper wing canopy fairing and wing to fuselage glue on it yet
heywooood, Image # 3859917 May 17 16:24

fuselage - after primer coat applied we saw some rough spots..errr - really there were only one or two smooth spots. so more sanding and sealing was required
heywooood, Image # 3859817 May 17 16:22

upper wing with the canopy rails fitted
heywooood, Image # 3859717 May 17 16:22

prop shop
rayl, Comment for image # 3845816 May 17 09:09
I had a nice e-mail with Dan Brett, owner and president of Williams Bros., when I was working on my Loening. Of course I was trying to find out if he had any 1/16 cylinders. They never made any according to Dan. He is trying to keep Williams Bros. afloat but is having to work hard at it. He also said that he sees 3D printing as the biggest roadblock for short run injection models, BUT it is the best avenue for WB to continue. To that end he is exploring 3D printing as a viable way forward. Once the 3D files are generated, he can sell the printed parts OR sell a protected file so that the customer can print his own if they have the equipment. I wish him well.
heywooood, Comment for image # 3845815 May 17 18:34
I'm sure 1/24 would be welcome too..
Creosotewind, Comment for image # 3845815 May 17 14:05
I wish Williams Bros. would make these in 1/16 scale. It seems like they cover all the other major plane scales but that one.
heywooood, Comment for image # 3858315 May 17 11:46
John Oshust - poor Willie...Charlie had to give up his 'shoes' too
heywooood, Comment for image # 3858215 May 17 11:40
I have begun the infill on the top wing - laying it up went quick and easy...I have also shaped and begun to seal the wing supports and the rudder. Trying not to rush it - but I want to see this in its finished state too.
rayl, Comment for image # 3858215 May 17 11:22
It's gonna be NICE !!!!
biplane guy, Comment for image # 3858215 May 17 07:29
Wow! Can't wait to see this one finished.
heywooood, Comment for image # 3858314 May 17 19:47
LWM - no - the parts for the smaller tail surfaces are NOT provided. Just like the Guillow kits I have built - the plans show with dotted lines the smaller outlines of the scale fin/rudder and stab/elevator but no parts are provided. I don't remember whether the old Sterling kits provided a separate part sheet for it though..
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3858314 May 17 17:27
Next question: does this kit supply laser cut parts for the "Scale" version also, or do you just have to cut them out yourself for a "Scale" build?
heywooood, Comment for image # 3858314 May 17 17:09
Yes and this kit has that indicated on the plans - the option to assemble for flight or for scale appearance. Shown on the plans are the options for wing dihedral, as well as dotted lines on the stab and Elevator drawings indicating the smaller 'scale' sizes vs the oversized 'for flying' dimensions.
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3858314 May 17 16:16
A lot of kits these days are "sized" - eg. larger stab - away from exact scale, in order for them to be better flyers, but you can always build them to exact scale ...
heywooood, Comment for image # 3858314 May 17 12:08
I like the look of it so far too...there are only one or two deviations from the prototype to the kit design and they are workable. I do not think I will modify them though. I want to build this one to the kit drawings and general instructions. Obviously my infill method is not part of that, but the structure and design of the kit as it was intended by the kit manufacturer is. In this case - the lower wing should be higher on the fuselage with the bottom of the wing actually higher than the top of the wheel pants and an under-wing 'belly pan' to fair the bottom of the fuselage around the bottom of the lower wing. If I were to do another of example of this kit I would probably make that modification but this one is to go according to the kit plan and spec's
Build Thread, Page :  1   2   3   4   5  [ 6 ]  7   8   9   10   11  (232 posts, 20 posts per page, 12 pages in total) [ < Prev ] [ Next > ]